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Our leagues have been designed to accommodate curlers of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced players.

Membership/League Fees

Membership fees are $75 per person.  You must be a member of the club in order to register for any of our leagues.  League Fees for all leagues, except the Learners League, are $25 per game.  For those that wish, a payment/financing plan is available through PayPal during the checkout process.

League Types

Learners League
Designed for those who have just finished a learn to curl and are looking to continue.  These are short, 4 week leagues that help teach game rules, etiquette & strategy. Coach's will be on hand for all dates. League is free when you sign up as a member (Date and Time TBD)

Designed for members at any level of play (0-100 years of experience) who are most interested in having fun. Fosters a fun and relaxed curling time. Teaches game rules, etiquette & strategy. (Sunday, Wednesday and Friday)

Builds on the basics with experienced skips and an effort to balance the teams. Designed to increase a member’s understanding of the mechanics and strategy of the game while creating a consistent curling experience. Not geared towards brand new curlers. Suggested experience is a half year. (Monday and Saturday)

Competitive-oriented teams playing against high level opponents in games of high level strategy and shot making. Designed to fine tune the highest level of the game. (Tuesday and Thursday)

Registration Types

Individual or Pair
You may register as an individual.  You may also name one other person you wish to play with.

You may register as a team of 4.  If you do not have 4 players, please check the Free Agents list (located on the right in your user menu).

Free Agent

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